Thursday, 21 November 2013

Brrrr Hampstead Heath Freeze Times! Thank Goodness For Blanche In The Brambles.

Tuesday saw Indy and I enjoying a sunny, yet super frosty walk on Hampstead Heath. Indy didn't go swimming for the first time ever. Which makes a change, on Saturday she belly flopped of a 3ft drop straight into a lake!

The sudden drop in temperature was a bit of a shock (I haven't even picked out a winter coat yet).
But I was prepared with my super snug Blanche in the brambles sheepskin collar. 

We're not ashamed to admit: by a frosty morning, our Blanche in the brambles collection features beautiful faux fur and sheepskin accessories. 
Blanche's founder Elizabeth Eastwood looks to nature and embracing the British winter when designing her collection.
Her products are all lovingly made in Britain and designed for you to stay warm and comfortable yet stylish in the frostiest weather. 

They make the perfect Christmas present and you can browse the full collection online here at Pup Tart
Don't forget when you spend over £100 we are offering free UK Postage and Packaging.

Here's a few of our favourite pieces, perfect for keeping you toasty warm this winter:

And we saved the best till last, Elizabeth named the company
after the family Dalmatian Blanche!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Old School Hollywood Movie Stars and their Dogs

Winter is upon us and that means walking Indy in muddy boots, with a big coat on! Not very glamourous. 

It got us thinking, how lucky to have been the dog of a classic Hollywood movie star.It's never cold in California and they probably all had their own mansions with a swimming pool! 

We can't get enough pictures of Audrey Hepburn and her Yorkie Mr Famous. Who knew Frank Sinatra gave so many dogs as presents and we defy you not to get a little teary watching James Stewart recite his poem

Here's a few of our favourites.