Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pup Tart's Big Day Out

On Saturday Pup Tart packed it's bags and headed down to
 Cabbages and Frocks, Dog Day Afternoon.
Thanks to everyone who came and saw us, it was lovely to meet new customers(especially Bobby, a beautiful little puppy who looked very smart in her Bone & Rag collar and Found my Animal lead
we had a great day.
Lots of dogs enjoyed our chicken flavour popcorn and a few lucky ones got to take home some giant pom pom and tug toys.
Indy was a bit sad not to place in the bit of ruff competition, but almost bumping into David Mitchell helped her get over it.
With all the excitement I only took a few photos.

The Pup Tart stall, Indy working hard and the lovely (but blurry) Bobby.