Tuesday, 8 April 2014

March Instagrams or Marchstagrams.

Wahoo it's Marchstagrams time! Wasn't it lovely and sunny, what happened April?
March saw us embracing the warmer weather and longer days, by heading down to Dorset, hitting the beach and getting our first Ice Cream of 2014 (yippee) amongst other things:

1. Packing up parcels for the lucky Barkarama Pup Personality winners.
2. A regram of the super handsome Pup Personality runner up Boston, rockin his Pup Tart Bow Tie.
3. Another regram, this time of the best window display ever! By the lovely Painted Black Vintage.
4. Indy helping cut fabric for our new Pup Tart SS14 collection (coming soon).
5. Ahh, we heart the Ace Hotel Shoreditch, especially when Blanche in the Brambles is there.
6. Ice Cream from Riley in Crouch End is dangerous.
7. Puppies that play together, pass out together.
8. The BEACH!
9. Aww little n large besties enjoying Sunday together.
10. Indy gets a surprise sleepover with the lovely Mij.
11. Ohh new Pup Tart squeaky bones coming soon.
12. Finally it's warm enough for the Birkenstocks, until next time wellingtons.

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